Fairness of the White Army is a Duty

The medical staff were not destined to rejoice the front rows’ reward, which had not yet been disbursed until the Civil Service Bureau responded to the Ministry of Health, that doctors’ periodic leave balance could not be deported, consequently, this has caused a great disappointment. Instead, the Bureau justified its response as it is due to the provisions of the decree regarding the civil Service system, which allows the employee to keep the balance of his periodic leaves that are not benefitted from only during five years

There is no doubt that the medical teams made tremendous efforts in confronting the emerging Coronavirus pandemic continuously for over a year in which they have represented the most wonderful examples of sacrifice and loyalty. We may recall here the position of His Highness the Emir of The State of Kuwait, the late Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may his soul rest in peace, who cherished his sons and daughters working within the teams tasked with fighting the Coronavirus, as His Highness affirmed that those work in the front rows offering the utmost sacrifices are obligated to perform manifestations of moral honor in gratefulness of their efforts

Therefore, I think it is fair to maintain the entitlements of the front row staff according to their distinguished hard work by honoring them morally and financially, and in my opinion, based on my modest experience in the field of financial control, the matter does not require a legislative amendment rather than issuing executive decisions that do justice to the medical staff. Furthermore, I think that there are several alternatives in this regard, and they are as follows, arranged according to the ease of implementation procedures

 The first alternative: According to the authorization granted to the Minister of Health to work on all the powers established for the Civil Service Council and the Civil Service Bureau by Article 80 of Law No. (7) of 2020 regarding the practice of the profession of medicine and allied professions, the minister can issue executive decisions to maintain doctors’ benefits, in this case, the law here is in a higher rank than the decree, and this is what is argued by several specialists

 The second alternative: Compensation for those who will be negatively affected by not deporting their balance of periodical leave financially in the amount equivalent to the value of the lost balance of their leaves with a financial reward for not having a periodic leave due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, through the activation of Article 19 of Decree-Law No. (15) of 1979 regarding The civil service, which allows the Civil Service Bureau to propose to the Civil Service Board to approve financial incentives under the requirements of the nature of work in the government agency

 The third alternative: Issuing a decision by the Council of Ministers according to its terms of reference for issuing exceptional decisions regarding financial rewards, to compensate those who will be affected by the failure to transfer the balance of their periodic leaves financially in return for not having a periodic leave due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, noting that the Council is the one who previously issued the decision to grant rewards for the front rows

 The fourth alternative (a radical solution): is an initiative by the Civil Service Bureau requesting to amend Article 40 of the decree issued on 4/4/1979 in the matter of the civil service system, to allow the employee to compensate the balance of his vacations that are forfeited if he does not benefit from them, not exceeding (90) a day throughout his service period, similar to what is decided for some financial cadres (the Audit Bureau – the Public Authority for Combating Corruption – the Kuwaiti Investigation Unit – the Financial Controllers Authority), to achieve justice among state employees in this regard

In conclusion … An expression of great gratitude, respect, and appreciation is dedicated to our white army for what they have done to protect us from this pandemic … We ask God the Almighty to end this epidemic

نُشر بواسطة bader alhammad

من مواليد الكويت عام 1964 ، حاصل على الاجازة الجامعية في تخصص المحاسبة عام 1988 بتقدير جيد جدا . بدء عمله في ذات العام بوظيفة محاسب بوزارة المالية وتدرج في المناصب الاشرافية كرئيس قسم التوجيه المحاسبي ثم مراقب مالي ثم مديرا لإدارة الرقابة المالية الى ان صدر به مرسوم اميري عام 2013 بتعينه وكيل مساعد بوزارة المالية حيث شغل منصب الوكيل المساعد لشئون الرقابة المالية . ثم عين بمرسوم اميري رئيسا لقطاع الرقابة المالية بجهاز المراقبين الماليين عند انشاءه في عام 2015 حيث شغل منصب رئيس قطاع الرقابة المالية للهيئات الملحقة والمؤسسات المستقلة خلال الفترة من عام 2016 حتى عام 2018، ومن ثم شغل منصب رئيس قطاع الرقابة المالية للوزارات والإدارات الحكومية في أكتوبر 2018 ، وبالإضافة الى عملة كلف بمنصب نائب رئيس الجهاز بالوكالة في نهاية ديسمبر 2018 حتى نوفمبر 2019.، وحاليا كاتب رأي ومتخصص في شئون المالية العامة في صحيفة الانباء الكويتية. كما شغل العديد من المناصب الأخرى محليا وخارجيا فكان عضو مجلس إدارة بنك الائتمان الكويتي، وعضو مجلس المدراء التنفيذيين للبنك الإسلامي للتنمية IDB و مجلس المديرين التنفيذيين لصندوق التضامن الاسلامي ISFD و مجلس المديرين التنفيذيين للمؤسسة الاسلامية لتامين الاستثمار وائتمان الصادرات ICIEC . هذا وقد شارك في العديد من اللجان منها الإدارية والفنية ولجان تقصي الحقائق و التحقيق محليا وخارجيا ، وله العديد من الآراء والاجتهادات الفنية التي اثرى بها العمل في مجال الرقابة المالية باعتباره احد مؤسسي نظام الرقابة المالية المسبقة بدولة الكويت ، وقد اصدر له جهاز المراقبين الماليين كتابه الأول في عام 2017 بعنوان ( بعض المسائل الفنية في قضايا الرقابة المالية ).

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